Had discomfort and pain – Took ½ a dropper of the maintenance dose in the evening for rest and pain relief.
I took to help me sleep and anxiety and my wife took it for her allergies – Took full dropper of the maintenance dose.
It has helped my blood pressure, I was borderline diabetic, but not anymore. I lost 12 pounds with no diet change and now I can run farther.
I took the Maximum dose twice a day for three weeks for my diabetes and neurodegenerative disease and it helps with my pain also. I am now taking 1 full dropper once a day or two droppers if necessary. I now have regular blood pressure and blood sugar, and I am no longer taking my prescribed medications. I told my nurse and doctor that I was taking the Herb-al Oil and they are impressed with how well I am doing and told me to continue doing what I was doing.
I’m 64 years old and I am a hunter and fisher, and I have arthritis and pain. I started taking a full dropper of the Maintenance dose of Herb-al Oil a day and now my pain is gone. My shoulders feel great and the arthritis has stopped. I even lost 15 pound within a month. It is the BEST medicine I have ever taken!
Sure Shot Dan
I take Herb-al Oil for my arthritis and my overall health. I have noticed a substantial difference in the functionality of my joints and pain. It help phenomenally for my menstrual cramps, I never thought I would have relief with my cramps! I would recommend this medicine to anyone who takes any medicine for their health complications because this oil really works! I weigh 115 pounds and take 1 full dropper of the Maximum dose twice a day, or as needed since some days I don’t even need to take any.
Ms. Clever
Stopped completely taking oxycodone. Extreme improvement of digestive system functionality. First time ever passed an eye exam for a driver’s test. 135 pounds and takes 1 full dropper of the maximum dose every morning for pain. “I swear by Herb-al Oil for body health.”
It has greatly help my asthma while also helping me to completely get off of Advair no more than three times in 3 months.
I have been taking Herb-al Oil for my overall health, allergies, and especially my blood pressure. I refuse to take pharmaceutical drugs for my blood pressure because my life is very stressful. I run a business and live and run a 1,200 acre farm. At times my veins are pulsating because my blood pressure is so high. I take one full dropper of the Maximum dose once a day or as needed.
Mr. Cowboy
I am 55 years old and I take Herb-al Oil when I feel poorly. It makes me feel good. I take the oil for my blood pressure, to help me sleep, and help my mental ability to help me feel sharper and focused for my work! The biggest bonus is for my inflammation and pain. I have had three surgeries on my knees and the oil is perfect for pain, inflammation, blood pressure, and mental sharpness.