Premium Seed bred and grown for 5 years, outdoors in Colorado.

  • 3W1 hybrid from original Cherry Wine variety.
  • Over 19% total Cannabinoids, Average cbd 12-14%, fully pollinated 6-8%
  • Depending on cultivation practices: .3% THC content or below
  • Crude oil yield averages 1 Kg for every 13 to 17 pounds of flour (cultivation practices dependent)
  • This seed is ‘the’ in-demand variety for producing the currently desired terpenes and flavonoids the market wants.
  • Proven heavy yielder (see pictures of outdoor grow).
  • Colorado cultivated under USDA regulations.
  • Sold under current Colorado seed license – germination, dormancy, variety, etc. verified.
  • no non-production agreement required.
  • Hail and Drought Tolerant
  • 1/2 Water Usage of Corn
  • Large Open Market for CBD Flower

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For seed purchases please call direct 970-474-3529.

Following the legalization of Colorado hemp in 2014, a burgeoning market has been reborn for the agriculture industry of America. 3W1 seeds are recognized for superior taste and yield in making CBD Oil. Hemp has been recognized as food, fiber, and medicine dating as far back as 10,000 BC. In 1400 hemp was first documented to be used in Arabia as an Epilepsy cure. Hemp became a schedule #1 drug in 1968, the same year Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Four years earlier King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize giving rise to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and US science found THC kills cancer cells in test tubes and mice. The growing equality for human rights, and natural health care was diverted by the ruling class to create larger government, and private agency’s like for profit prisons starting in 1984. In 1995 the FDA approved Oxycontin for sale knowing it was deadly, dangerous, and addictive claiming 102,000 lives in 2017, and growing each year. Hemp used medically has been responsible for 0 deaths ever, and is being used to help people quit opioid addiction created by the medical for profit community. Using hemp every day will help in creating a healthy, and prosperous future for all of humanity.

Available in 6 seeds or 1 lb (24,000 viable seeds per pound).


Hemp Viability: 88%
Variety:  3W1 Hard: N
Lot: N/A Dorm: 2%
Pure: N Last Test: 03/02/2020
Weed Seed: .001% Origin: CO

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25lbs $800


1lb $1,000


1oz $99.99

6 seeds

6 seeds $19.99